Chicago Musical Duos
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We are proud of the Chicago Musical Duos that we provide for your private and corporate events. They are all of the best quality and providing a night of great music that won't soon be forgotten.

When in the Windy City, one will soon find out why culture in the Midwest is the best. For starters, you have the improvisational comedy with iconic theaters such as The Annoyance, iO Chicago and Second City. The famous architecture including The Hancock building, Navy Pier, and Millenium Park. And music including the Lollapalooza Festival, The Green Mill jazz club, and Blues Chicago district.

Musical Duos have been a popular request at events for years. With the superior cadences/harmonies and trade off rhythms of the Cutting Edge Productions Chicago Musical Duos , you can't help but have a great time and admire two professional's passion for music at the same time.

More and more events are looking to Chicago Musical Duos to provide the kind of entertainment that makes the night magically fly by. The experts at Cutting Edge Productions work tirelessly to make certain that the most exacting standards are met for providing the proper sound, stage and lighting required to produce your event at the best level possible while still working within your budget.

All of the Cutting Edge Chicago Musical Duos have extensive repertoire, custom-tailored for your special occasion or production needs. We are proud to hold the distinction of achieving Preferred Vendor status at many of the most prestigious properties throughout the United States and internationally.

Please contact us today to discuss the unique requirements for your exceptional event with Cutting Edge Productions Inc.

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